Do you find it challenging to get organized? Is it hard to stay focused on tasks or conversation? Do you often take action before you think things through? Do you struggle with sitting still or feeling fidgety? If so, you (or your child) may be experiencing symptoms of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD.

While being one of the most common disorders of childhood, ADHD can occur in adulthood and affect the ability to work or go to school as well as affect the ability to have satisfying relationships.

Understanding that there are three types of ADHD is important in recognizing the need for help. Symptoms can be primarily inattention, hyperactive or both. Inattentive symptoms look like:

  • making careless mistakes
  • having difficulty reading long passages
  • seeming not present during conversations
  • having difficulty following instructions
  • being chronically late due to poor time management
  • avoiding tasks that necessitate sustained mental effort

Hyperactive symptoms may appear as

  • Difficulty staying seated
  • Always being “on the go”
  • Talking excessively
  • Interrupting others when speaking

Discovering if you are dealing with ADHD is determined by psychological testing, neuro-feedback and psychiatric evaluation.

Fortunately, there are many known treatments to help with both childhood and adult ADHD including medication, coaching, counseling, and behavioral interventions.

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