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Nutrition Coaching

What is Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching?

Nutrition is critical for good health, but it can only get a person so far. An integrative nutrition health coach believes in looking at all the factors in a person’s life— starting with nutrition— to see what is working and what is not. This type of coaching and all recommendations made are highly individualized to the client’s needs. Specific foods that work for one person do not work for another, so the goal is to teach the client how to tune in to and get clear on his or her body’s needs. The coach educates, inspires, and holds the client accountable throughout their relationship, but won’t prescribe, diagnose, or treat.

Stacey Friedman of Lucky Girl Health & Wellness LLC is our Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Practice Location : Buckingham

You can contact Stacey by email at [email protected]

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You can contact Stacey by phone at (215) 716-7164

Stacey is a current student at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and her passion is to educate and inspire her clients. Her mission is to give her clients the specific tools they need to  achieve their individual health and wellness goals. Stacey underwent her own personal transformation and has found her highest purpose in helping others do the same. She is friendly, easy to speak to, and highly knowledgeable. She has a teaching background and loves to connect with and uplift others. She is most comfortable helping those who feel “stuck” and wish to detoxify not just their bodies, but their entire lives.

About Lucky Girl Health & Wellness LLC

After your initial health history consultation, Stacey will review your main health and wellness goals, and spend several months with you, guiding you in the direction of better health and wellness. She will listen to you, educate you, support you, motivate you, and hold you accountable throughout your journey together.




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