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Our Founders

Randi E. Platt, M.Ed

I am the Executive Director and co-founder of Hornstein, Platt and Associates. I have been a Psychotherapist for over 30 years helping clients in the Philadelphia area.  While maintaining a broad practice addressing common concerns like depression, grief, anxiety, stress and relationship struggles, I specialize in working with couples, those in the LGBT community, people in recovery,  individuals having difficulty managing their money, and people wanting to be more effective in their work life. Recently, I have integrated my career specialization in stress management with my daily meditation practice by providing group and individual mindfulness meditation instruction. In general I address interpersonal issues from a coaching perspective, bringing a depth of knowledge gained from years of providing psychotherapy.

I view the process of coaching as a partnership: you are the expert in the details of your life experience and I am a specialist in the process of change.  I am active and engaging while working to create an atmosphere of safety and trust where you can reveal your concerns at your own pace.  Clients have often told me that I am very direct in gentle ways. This has often led to their experience of being surprised by their level of comfort, sharing and insight. I also have a very practical focus, which includes translating pain into understandable causes, and growth into a clear set of action steps.  Lastly, when appropriate I include my personal experiences and sense of humor in the coaching I provide.  These factors have been found to be important in forming healing connections, and hopefully make the process of your growth enjoyable.

Robin T. Hornstein, Ph.D. 

A co-founder of Hornstein, Platt and Associates, I have been a Licensed Psychologist and counselor for over 30 years. Prior to that I completed a degree in Early Childhood Education and worked with young children. Earning a doctorate from the Counseling Psychology program at Temple University, I spent many years serving clients in recovery before entering private practice. Wanting to contribute to the Delaware Valley community in a more significant way, I co-founded Hornstein, Platt and Associates where I have been the Clinical Director, focusing on ensuring our therapists provide the most effective treatment possible and matching clients with therapists who will best meet their needs.

I view my work with clients as collaborative, with the goal being for you to develop into the fullest self you can become. Enhancing skills and strengths that are already present and breaking old patterns by experimentation is the foundation of the work I provide. Having trained in a number of therapies, I use an eclectic range of tools based on what you, my  client/collaborator and I think will work. Poetry, art, music, meditation, talk and other styles of treatment may be included in your therapy.  While I maintain a general practice, my specialties include Eating Disorders, Fertility Issues, Parenting and Anxiety.

In addition to private practice, I enjoy conducting training and supervision,  have been quoted in magazines and newspapers, and participated in panels on television and radio. Finding ways to increase success in personal, relational, financial and physical arenas, I would be honored to assist you in a mental health "make-over" that helps you find your voice and power.

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