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Psychiatric Policies and Procedures


 Thank you for using our medication management services. Below are important facts for you to know about our services.


Appointment Scheduling

In order to safely manage your medications, you must be seen on a regular basis.  You must keep your appointments at the intervals recommended by our clinicians to have your medications refilled. Appointments cannot be conducted over the telephone. 

Medication management appointments fill up very quickly. In order to keep up to date on appointments, and to avoid any lapse in care, we require a follow-up appointment to be made at the end of every session. If you are unable to schedule an appointment at this time, you may have a longer delay than expected. 


In the event that you do not need a monthly appointment, please call for an appointment when you have six (6) weeks of medication left. Failing to call ahead to schedule your next appointment may result in a delay, and may affect your quality of care. Except for rare occasions, please expect to obtain an appointment up to one month from the date of your request.

You are required to comply with suggested treatment frequency in order to continue receiving your medications. Failure to arrive to two (2) or more scheduled appointments may result in discharge from treatment. 

Missed Appointments/ Cancellations

 As previously mentioned, it is important to stay up-to-date with your appointments. If a situation arises in which you cannot keep your appointment and you will run out of medications because of this, we may provide a refill for you only if you,

  • have another appointment scheduled within the month.
  • are not taking a controlled substance.
  • have consistently demonstrated compliance with treatment frequency. 

If you cannot keep an INITIAL appointment, you must cancel within 2 business days, not including Saturdays and Sundays, or you will be charged a fee of $170.00.  You must cancel within 2 business days, (business days are Monday through Friday)for follow-up appointments as well.  A missed follow-up without adequate notice incurs a fee of $80.  This fee will be automatically charged to your credit card that is required to be on file with us.  This is a flat non-refundable fee. 

Please be aware that requests for medical records or documentation may necessitate a processing fee.

If you cancel an appointment, we will try our best to reschedule you as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee an immediate spot. In the event that you need to cancel an appointment over the weekend, or are otherwise unable to speak to an administrator, please leave a message or send an email to our administrative staff.  Appointment cancellations will be honored based on the time of your contact. If you attempted to contact the office at least 48 business hours before your appointment, your cancellation will be honored, and no fee will be applied.  

If you cancel or miss an appointment, you are responsible for re-scheduling your next session by calling or e-mailing our administrative staff.  They can be reached by phone at 267-639-5901 or via e-mail at [email protected].


**Please note that appointment reminders sent automatically via email or text are a courtesy provided by our scheduling program. Failure to receive an automated reminder does NOT mean that an appointment is cancelled.  A missed appointment fee will still apply if for any reason you do not receive a reminder.**


Appointment Times

It is important to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Intake appointments are 1 hour in length. Follow-up appointments are conducted within 20-30 minute slots.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to an appointment, your appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

In the event that you are on time for your scheduled appointment, and have not been greeted by your provider, we ask that you remain patient. Although we do our best to stay on schedule, psychiatry appointments are unpredictable in nature and may occasionally go over the allowed time. We appreciate your patience in these cases. In the event we are running behind and you are unable to wait, we will do our best to give you the next available appointment, and to address any needs that would otherwise be covered during your appointment.



It is your responsibility to know how much medication you have on hand. It is important to monitor your medication supply and to make an appointment when needed. 

Controlled Substances may only be obtained during scheduled appointment times. Except in the event that your provider instructs you to pick up a medication at the office, or in an otherwise agreed upon situation,  expect to only obtain prescriptions for controlled substances at your scheduled appointment. 

If you accidentally lose, misplace, or otherwise destroy any medication falling under the controlled category (for example, benzodiazepines or stimulants), it will not be refilled early.  All controlled substances are managed during appointments only. They will not be made available to you without an in-person appointment, and by law cannot be called into a pharmacy.

Once we have begun treatment, you agree to not make any mental health medication changes on your own without a discussion with your prescribing provider first, UNLESS directed by another healthcare professional.  

If you have any non-urgent questions or concerns regarding your medication, side effects, or symptoms, they will be addressed at your follow-up.  If your concern is serious, you should schedule an appointment for a sooner time or seek emergency services if needed.

Refills and Prior Authorization

In the event that you need a refill of a non-controlled substance outside of your appointment time,  allow up to three (3) business days for our office to process this request. All refills are subject to verification with your pharmacy, and may require a processing fee of $15.00 per medication. 

 Ninety(90)-day prescriptions for schedule II medications (stimulants) cannot be provided. Stimulant medications cannot be called into a pharmacy under any circumstances. 

If your insurance company requires a prior authorization for a medication please have your pharmacist notify us.  In these cases,  allow up to 3 business days for us to complete the paperwork and/or phone calls required by the insurance company.  After that point, the insurance company may also require several days for processing the information and to make a decision.  A prescription for a medication does not guarantee that your insurance company will cover the cost.

Standards of Practice

Although Hornstein Platt and Associates operates as a group practice, all clinical decisions regarding your medication and psychiatric care is at the discretion of the prescriber and, when appropriate, our practice’s Clinical Director. 


Treatment Plans

Treatment plans are often based on agreed upon terms that have been discussed between a patient and their provider.  However, treatment plans are subject to stipulations made by an individual provider if they feel a requirement needs to be met to continue care.  An example of this could be when a prescriber requires that a patient seek the treatment of a provider in order to remain on medication. Though our practice does not require a patient see a provider within our group in order to receive medication services, your prescriber may feel that it is necessary to see an additional clinician in order to continue treatment under their care. 

The above are standard policies and procedures for our psychiatric services, but may vary slightly based on your provider’s individual practice. 

Hornstein Platt and Associates, as well as the prescribing physician, reserve the right to discharge a patient at any time in the event of non-compliance with treatment. 

Reasons for Discharge are included but not limited to the following:

·       Failure to comply with any treatment plan provided by your prescriber. 

·       Failure to arrive to more than 2 (two) scheduled appointments without notice.

·       Any and all misuse and/or mishandling of a prescribed medication. 

·       Taking a medication at any time, frequency, or dosage that differs from the instructions set forth by your prescribing doctor. This includes increasing or decreasing your dosage without your provider’s instruction.


Billing and Payment 

In order to make our billing process as simple as possible for our patients, Hornstein Platt and Associates has a the following system that may differ from other providers. 

To be a patient in the psychiatry department of Hornstein Platt and Associates, a working credit/debit card must be kept on file.  We process payment for your appointment by charging the card on file two (2) business days prior to your session.  If for whatever reason our billing department is unable to clear payment the day before your appointment, you will be contacted to obtain an updated credit card.  Valid payment must be submitted before 3:00pm, two business days prior to your appointment.  Without valid payment on file, we will cancel any upcoming appointments until we can obtain new information. Additionally, patients are not permitted to carry a balance at any time and cannot obtain an appointment while a balance is past due.

We find that this practice of removing administrative work from your appointment time guarantees the best possible use of your session.  Close attention to your health, wellness, and progress on your medication(s) should be the sole purpose of your medication management session. Medication management appointments are your time to discuss any questions or concerns about your regimen with your provider, or to update them of any side effects or recent changes to your symptoms.  This time is crucial to the continued quality of your care, and we do not feel it is appropriate to use any of this time discussing administrative matters. 

Your provider will have very limited information regarding your insurance and payment history. If you have any questions about billing or the status of your account, you can call our billing office at 215-732-6308 ext.4.

Our policies and procedures are subject to change. Hornstein Platt and Associates will provide notification in the event of any updates to these policies. 

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