Telehealth Counseling


Arielle Handler, M.Ed.,Ed.S.,LPC

Arielle is an empathetic, experienced, and client focused Licensed Professional Counselor.  She trained in psychology at the University of Florida and achieved her Masters and Specialist degree in Mental Health Counseling from Florida Atlantic University. She is licensed in both Pennsylvania and Florida and has practiced behavioral health in outpatient, school, and in-home crisis counseling settings.  Arielle has experience in counseling individuals and couples , and has worked extensively with adolescents , children and families .  She works from the vantage point that therapy should be tailored to meet people’s individualized needs given that each individual is unique, even when they present similar concerns.

Arielle likes to incorporate cognitive techniques into therapy as needed such as challenging negative thought patterns and helping with coping skills/problem solving. She believes that working through difficult emotions and conflicts as they arise in the present, and developing a trusting, positive therapeutic relationship is what is most transformative and healing. In her general practice, Arielle provides treatment and facilitates change in those who are struggling with anxiety , depression , stressful life changes , and relationship issues of all kinds.  Her specializations include treating Anxiety Disorders , Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD) and adolescent concerns .

Recently, Arielle has embraced telehealth as a viable and convenient venue for developing a counseling relationship when in-person sessions are not possible or desirable. Her interest follows the trend of the last decade where experimentation with on line therapy has increased and research is increasingly indicating that therapy by video chat is equally as effective as in person meetings for several presenting problems.  Already experienced in this venue via providing services for two national on line counseling services, Arielle is now bringing this vital service to local, Pennsylvania clients.

Contact us today at 215-732-6308 x 1 or [email protected] to find out more about the process and costs* for telehealth counseling sessions.

*Please note that this service is not currently covered by most health insurance plans

Why Telehealth?

Research is showing that having counseling sessions using a video chat platform is equally as effective as in-person counseling sessions for many presenting problems and diagnoses.  After screening by a counseling professional, if your concerns are appropriate for this venue, you can have access to therapy in the comfort of your home or other private, convenient environment.


Our intake department will forward you forms to be completed by the first session as well as a link to the HIPAA compliant VSee video chat platform. Should you have any technical questions about VSee, you can go to their website at

As telehealth can only be provided by the mental health professional in the state in which they are licensed and only to individual residing in that state, you will be required to show proof of residency by providing a copy of your drivers license in the state of Pennsylvania.

If telehealth is appropriate to treat your concerns, your follow-up sessions will last between 45-50 minutes and will be conducted on line using a HIPAA compliant video platform. Just as with in-person sessions, you will agree on an appointment time with your therapist, and they will “call” you on the video platform at the agreed upon time. You can engage in sessions from your computer, tablet or mobile phone. It is suggested that you use earphones to insure privacy and the most audible connection to the service.

Scheduling Policies and Payment

After your session is complete, your therapist will schedule your next session with you while you are still on line and will then charge your credit card (having a credit card on file is required for this service) for the agreed upon fee.

Our fee for telehealth sessions is $ 75.00 per session.  Payment is expected at the time of service. While receipts can be given for HSA accounts, at this time health insurance reimbursement is not available for this service.

Cancellations must be communicated by 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a fee. Should you cancel in less than 24 hours or not show for your scheduled appointment, we will assess a fee of $50.00. When you schedule an appointment, you agree to these terms.

How the Telehealth Connection Works

Once you have scheduled your appointment, your therapist will contact you via email and “invite” you to connect through VSee., which you should have downloaded from the information you obtained from our intake department. You must accept the invitation for your therapist to be able to call you. It is suggested that you use earphones with this service for the greatest clarity of sound.

Your therapist will then “call” you on the video chat platform at the agreed upon time.




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